Japan has its shares of customs, traditions and conventions that are considered as ‘weird’ by many foreign travellers. Our expertise with Japan’s unique documentation and customs requirements may help to reduce the chance of delays and extra fees. We offer 24/7 customs services with commodity and security inspections, smooth entry into the country and clearance procedures that begin before our planes land. 2021-02-22 · VAT, duty and customs declarations for goods received by post or courier - paying, collecting your goods, getting a refund and documents Etiquette in Japan form common societal expectations of social behavior practiced throughout the nation of Japan and is highly esteemed. Like many social cultures, etiquette varies greatly depending on one's status relative to the person in question. Japan Customs. 14 likes.

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Commercial mail has to go through customs clearance in the same 2018-08-08 Send by mail or bring the post card and required documents listed on the post card to the overseas mail sub-branch customs or inquire to said sub-branch customs by telephone. The customs checks the documents with the goods to verify the value and other conditions. If there are no problems, you can receive the parcel in the same way as (1) or (2). In a notice issued on August 13, 2018, Japan Post announced that failure to send customs information 1 on international tracked mail 2 electronically to the USPS would result in increased time for items to clear customs and security control 3 after September 1, 2018. We have received further notice from the USPS as described below.

Presidential Proclamation 9974 was issued on December 26, 2019 establishing an entry into force date of January 1, 2020.

It's best to familiarise yourself with the basic Japanese manners and Japanese etiquette. Manners and customs are important in Japan, and even though you are a tourist in the country, you are still expected to follow a few common rules.

In customs japan post

In customs japan post

Do not use vague descriptions such as “daily necessities.”. 1.Fill in the HS code of the items if known.

In customs japan post

All items are shipped brand new from Plaza Japan.
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In customs japan post

Japan  Second, the postal service in Japan can lose small packages. Once again, having the parcel tracked and insured will help to prevent a complete disappearance of  As with the majority of international deliveries, you'll need to attach the appropriate customs labels when posting to Japan.

24 Jun 2019 Posting/Collection, We shipped your package. Arrival at outward office of exchange, Your package has arrived at the international post office in  CUSTOMS DECLARATION LANGUAGE, English, French, Japanese in Japan or goods that individuals who are not residents of Japan import as gifts. 2 Apr 2020 You can see the full list of regions included in the suspension here.
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Customs inspection is conducted at branch offices of the Japan Post where a Customs Office for Overseas Mail, etc., of Japan Customs is located.